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Welcome! I'm Uma -

It is a joy and a calling to be your guide in this sensual sanctuary, your compassionate companion on this pleasure journey, possibly even a catalyst to your erotic awakening. 

I want our time together to be an unforgettable experience that provides you with the kind of nourishment that fuels and inspires an extraordinary life from the inside out.


I am a certified sensual Tantra guide, sex coach and somatic intimacy educator. My practice is informed by consent practices, mindfulness-based therapies and erotic arts trainings. 


And, of course, I also arrive with my own history and experience - I grew up wrapped in the salty ocean breeze of the Tropics, seeped in the exotic culture of my Spanish roots. My approach is soft, tender and embodied.

I love the little things. The way morning light filters into a quiet room, the smell of spiced tea, the sound of a breeze sweeping thru a tree's canopy, the warmth of the sun on my skin. I see beauty everywhere. I am a mother of daughters. Often leading but always learning.

There is a rich landscape of possibility for you here; whether you long for a safe, sensual space where the outside word melts away or you seek to cultivate your erotic potential. All of you is welcome here. I love what I do and I appreciate your interest in working with me.


This work is designed to nurture, deepen, or awaken the sensual self. Whether you want to heal feelings of sexual shame, explore the intersection of sex and spirit, better express your desires, or deepen erotic pleasure, I welcome you on this journey.


Our time together includes experiential learning opportunities and a relational environment that can welcome exploration, soulful longing, and the body’s erotic magic. 

My goal for each person I work with is to create a space where true healing and overall wellness can occur. I'm often told that I have a peaceful presence and emanate a sense of safety and openness.

I am convinced that by truly seeing someone, connecting with who they are in an authentic way, and giving time for their unfoldment without an inserted agenda, creates the greatest potential for growth, awareness, and ease in oneself. I am honored to work with and be with each individual who finds their way to me.

Please note:

I only meet with honest and open individuals who express a genuine interest in pursuing a more soulful life experience. 

My clients are expected to reciprocate a high level of integrity.

I encourage you to do your research and decide what kind of experience matters most to you. 


Human beings need a new model for sex and intimacy that values communication, compassion and joy. I teach you how to lead with that. 

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Lotus in Bloom

Conscious Sexuality & Embodiment

What does it mean to live as a fully embodied being? How do we connect with the erotic in a way that is meaningful, healing and enlivening?

Erotic energy is life force energy. It is our libido, passion, desire and creativity. It penetrates every aspect of our lives, from how we move and connect, to how we feel and express.

When we live in a culture that fosters intellectualization and productivity, it becomes easy to lose touch with pleasure and connection. We armour ourselves physically and emotionally to numb out the pain of past experiences. We clamp down on our pleasure capacity out of fear that we are undeserving or wrong in our desires. 

Conscious sexuality invites us to experience our bodies as part of the interconnected web of life. It is an invitation to re-experience erotic energy through a lens of innocence. It is an opportunity to feel our inherent radiance from the inside out. 

Some reasons you may want to work together

  • To regain sexual agency

  • To build a sense of power, confidence and ease in your sensual and sexual expression and in partner-based intimacy.

  • Get clarity around what you truly want. 

  • Cultivating and enhancing pleasure in partner-based intimacy.

  • To explore sacred sexuality and tantric practices.

  • Learning the art of giving and receiving through deep connected presence, consent and heart-centered touch.

  • Healing from heartbreak and in need of space to grieve, release pain, gain insight, and find joy during difficult times.

  • Transforming unwanted patterns or addictions.

  • The desire for affirmative conscious touch.

  • To transform your relationship to sex, power, desire and pleasure.

  • Explore intimacy education that gives you answers to all the questions you have been worrying about

  • Releasing shame and stigma

  • Cultivating techniques for reducing sexual or intimate performance related anxiety.

  • Re-patterning early or rapid ejaculation into expanded orgasm and non-goal oriented whole-body pleasure

  • You simply feel lit up, curious or excited by the idea of working with Uma and are not exactly sure why—this is a great reason!

  • There is something else not listed here that you feel Uma may be able to support you with—this is also a great reason.

Tropical Leaves

Request more information

But first, a note on discretion, a word that invokes qualities I value deeply: discernment and privacy

I'm based in Philadelphia, PA —  and I require a light screening for new clients. This is a non-negotiable step to ensure our mutual safety, trust, and respect. 

I've reserved booking details and more photos of yours truly in a passcode protected page. If you're ready to go deeper, filling out this form will get you that code and I'd love to hear a little about how I might support you or what brought you here! 

Booking at least a week in advance is highly recommended. Please respect my time and kindly do not reach out if you are trying to book a same/next day appt.

Until soon!


I'm so glad you're reaching out! I'll be in touch soon.

Please check your SPAM for my response to your booking inquiry. I use an encrypted email address which is sometimes filtered out by aggressive spam filters.

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