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Sacred Intimacy

Learn how to be a better lover, to yourself and to others. 

Welcome to an oasis for exploring intimacy, touch and pleasure where you can slow down and engage in erotic energy with mindfulness, playfulness and compassion.

There are 4 principles to how I approach sacred intimacy, read them carefully.

Guided by an Intention

I approach each session in service to you. As a trained tantric practitioner and pro-domme, I avail all of myself; mind, body and spirit, to your personal growth and expansion. To this end, every session is a co-creation, guided by an intention that has been set by you. What are your deepest desires?  Do you know what they are? Do you need someone to guide you? I’ll take you there . Why are we entering this space together? What are you exploring or practicing?

Pleasure without expectations

Our sessions are a time to explore being present with pleasure and intimacy without the scripts, expectations and performances that often accompany intimate encounters. There may or may not be arousal, tissues may or may not engorge or have fluids. There may or may not be orgasms. There may be tears or laughter, the need to talk or be held. Everything is welcome.

Embodied Consent

Together we will agree upon the boundaries for a given session. Are there particular body parts, ways of touching, activities or language that are wanted or unwanted? We make agreements in advance and during the session we aim to stay in touch with our consent. Either one of us is free to request a stop, pause or change in what is happening.

Support before, during & after

I bring my therapeutic experience and training to guide and support you as desired before, during and after the session. Tantric bodywork, somatic intimacy coaching, BDSM skills, mindfulness, and compassion to name a few.

Important things to know about booking your session

Availability & Discretion I only see a few clients per week, so I can offer you my highest state of generosity and erotic presence.  A big part of making myself available is screening! If we haven't met yet, please be prepared to provide identity verification.


My office hours are Monday-Friday 10am-3pm. Ideal session start time is 11am.

Tranquil Oasis I host all sessions in my delightful private studio, located in the Arts Museum District, in the Fairmount neighborhood. 

Deposit I require a $100 non-refundable deposit, the remaining total is due at the beginning of our session. I accept Venmo or CashApp for the deposit.

*Please place the remaining cash balance in an envelope and present it to me at the beginning of our session.

Cancellations I'm flexible and accommodating should unforeseen circumstances require you to reschedule our session. I ask that you please reach out as soon as possible to let me know.  Your deposit is transferable-only to rebooked dates (within 30 days) when given more than 24 hours notice. If I've taken a deposit, and I have to cancel I will of course return it in full immediately. 

Plan ahead for our time together. If you schedule a session that includes touch, please prioritize hygiene. A shower, fresh towels, and even a new toothbrush are at your disposal if you'd like to freshen up at my location. Punctuality is also appreciated. I can offer a 10 minute grace period, but after that I'm afraid your arrival time does affect the length of our session. 


New Clients must book at least 5 days in advance, However, I highly recommend booking at least a full week or two in advance for best availability. Please respect my time and kindly do not reach out if you are not ready to commit or are trying to book a last minute session. 


Step 1: Submit BOTH contact  form & verification details (see below)

Step 2: Consultation Call Once you've kindly met my Step 1 requests, I'll reach out to schedule a brief phone call. This is an opportunity to get a sense of each other, discuss some session specifics and ask any questions.


Step 3: Confirmation & Deposit 

Your session is officially booked once I receive your deposit. You'll will receive a Session Confirmation email before we meet.


Tropical Leaves_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Your privacy is of paramount importance and absolute discretion is assured. This form is encrypted using Transport Layer Security (TLS). No third party can access the information being passed between your browser and this webs.

Untitled design (53)_edited.png

I am selective about who I invite into my world. Please read directions carefully and proceed thoroughly.


Complete this form and send your verification details via email to my secure account:

I recognize that in sharing your information with me, you likely feel vulnerable. I accept the responsibility that comes with keeping this information safe and confidential. Your responses will be kept private and discreet. I ensure that any information you share here along with what we create in our sessions will be confidential. I will not call your phone number unless we have agreed upon this beforehand.


Please send me the following:

Image of your driver's license OR official photo ID (you may cover details except your name/expiration date/DOB)

Please check your spam for my response to your booking inquiry. I use an encrypted email address which is sometimes filtered out by aggressive spam filters.

Thank you. I will be in touch soon.

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