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Meet my friends
Duo sessions & recommendations

I can resist anything except temptation.

-Oscar Wilde

It is a joy to recommend and work with my beloved, and trusted, friends and fellow practitioners.  Increase the energy and sensuality when four hands bring loving touch to your body and soul. Together we create a luxurious and decadent experience. 

Their websites are listed below, I encourage you to review and explore. If you're interested in booking a session with them directly, please do so. If you'd like us to join forces and create a Duo Session, list that in your request form.

Dama Diosa
Intimacy Coach, Conscious Healing Touch, Domme & Sensual Embodiment Practitioner - Dama often travels to New York and Philadelphia for sessions.

Janelle Orion
Radiant Goddess, Pleasure Activator, Muse and Tantra Companion - offers sessions in NYC, Philadelphia & more.

Danielle LaRose
Somatic Intimacy Consultant specializing in Erotic Conscious Kink - Danielle offers sessions in NYC, Philadelphia & more.

Cassy LeMoi
For a wildly kinky experience, play with the fiery Mistress Cassy - Bondassage Queen, Sensual Domina & Master of Kink - based in Philadelphia

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